Guy Caron


  • Member of Parliament for the Quebec riding of Rimouski-Neigette—Témiscouata—Les Basques since 2011
  • NDP shadow cabinet critic for Finance and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
  • NDP Quebec caucus chairperson
  • Former economist, researcher, and journalist
  • Former national president of the Canadian Federation of Students
  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications from University of Ottawa
  • Master’s degree in Economics from Université du Québec à Montréal
  • 49 years old

Environmental Policy

  • Investing in environmentally friendly transportation such as electric high speed rail and public transit
  • Carbon pricing starting at $50/tonne in 2020 to reduce GHG emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2025
  • Phase out fossil fuel dependent cars
  • Invest in research into and the development of lithium and rare earth metals
  • Accept climate migrants and advocate that other countries do so as well
  • Implement a Carbon Border Adjustment Tax
  • Funding for electrical transportation and charging stations
  • Rebates on the purchases of electric vehicles
  • Investing in renewable energy
  • Overhaul the NEB and divide it into a Canadian Energy Transmission Commission and a Canadian Energy Information Agency
  • Ending fossil fuel subsidies
  • Commit to UNDRIP
  • Creation of reviews every five-year on the progress of our reduction goals

Anti-Poverty Policy

  • Create a basic income for Canadians living below the low-income cut-off line
  • Merge basic income with the childcare benefit and guaranteed income supplement
  • Keep social programs intact

Labour Policy

  • Investing $90,000,000,000 over 10 years in large-scale, job creating infrastructure projects to help the transition into a more green and automated economy
  • Updating the Canadian Labour Code, including decreasing the workday from 8 hours to 7
  • $15/hour min. wage
  • Paid sick leave
  • Promote full-time permanent work
  • Create a Community Economic Development Program to direct investments toward Indigenous, rural, and remote communities
  • Reducing the number of required hours for EI from 900 to 360
  • Allow individuals who lose jobs because the economy is transitioning away from their industry to receive CPP payments starting at 60
  • Introduce Activity Accounts for Lifetime Learning for every Canadian
  • Introduce a Green Economy and Skills Survey

Tax Policy

  • Increase corporate tax rate from 15% to 19%
  • Create a Tax Crimes Division within the department of justice
  • Introduce a Financial Activities Tax on the profits of financial institutions
  • Eliminate CEO stock option loopholes
  • Introduce a Wealth Tax of 1% on the net worth of the wealthiest 10%
  • Crack down on tax havens via a 1% of funds tax on havens that withhold taxes
  • Introduce an inheritance tax of 45% on assets over $5,000,000
  • Limit RRSP Contributions to $20,000
  • Eliminate subsidies for fossil fuels
  • Tax the profits of foreign e-commerce corporations
  • Eliminate the corporate meals & entertainment deductions
  • Cap interest payments to offshore subsidiaries
  • Cut tax from 15% to 14% for income under $45,000 and raise tax from 20.5% to 22% on income over $45,000
  • Projected revenue from all these is estimated to be $31,300,000,000

Quebec Policy

  • Pass a federal version of Bill 101 to apply to all Quebec businesses
  • Recognize Quebec’s right to legislate secularism within Quebec
  • Make bilingualism a requirement for Supreme Court judges
  • Open a dialogue with Quebec so as to get their signature on the Constitution
  • Hire 10 organizers for Quebec to target 60 winnable ridings in the next election

Electoral Reform Policy

  • First government bill will be one that changes the voting system from FPTP to MMP
  • After two elections a referendum will be held to ratify the changes
  • Electoral reform will be a prerequisite for any alliance with another party


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  1. Guy Caron has developed an informed, forward looking policy platform. This man needs to be our next NDP leader and our next PM if we want Canada to be the best it can be and will make all Canadians proud.

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