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After an empowering year of women coming forward and holding powerful men and institutional dynamics accountable for the stories that we have known to be true amongst ourselves for a long time, a lot has been accomplished, but so much more still remains to be done. The issue of unpaid emotional labour has an obvious gendered slant, but it seems to evade discussion outside of progressive and academic circles.

What are some examples of things that women accept as extra uncompensated work simply because they feel fortunate to have that place in the room, and worry that they must work twice as hard to hold onto it? What are the issues that often fall upon women to accomplish because their male counterparts hand it off to them with a condescending “oh, but you’re just so much better at it”? More generally, what are some gendered obstacles that women face in the workplace, particularly in the realm of politics?

NDP McGill invites you to a discussion on unpaid emotional labour, featuring MPs, McGill professors, and prominent female politicians.

Guests and location to be announced shortly!
Hope to see you there

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